Welcome to Jordans Bred Retro. A site for people to buys Michael Jordan shoes (Air Jordan) at a discounted rate for investment purposes. A way for people to start investments at a very low price, starting from £50, with huge upside returns.

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What is shoe investment?

All of us know what an investment is; something that you pay into in order to gain a return or be able to pass onto someone else later in life.

Investment comes in many forms property, jewellery, cars and even wine. But one thing that they all have in common is their ability to hold onto their worth, even over time.

Whilst we all know that designer names can be a expensive to buy, but what you may not know is that over time some of these names hold onto their worth and then can be sold for a rather impressive amount.

Which type of shoes to look for?

So, how do you make an investment purchase in shoes?

One of the best tips is to look for classic styled shoes that won’t go out of fashion. You should choose shoes that will work with a variety of different outfits and that will be able to be sold on with ease.

Whilst your own particular taste but be for something slightly off the wall and kooky, this may not be the ideal investment pair.

Don’t be afraid to spend out

One of the key factors of an investment is that you have to spend out to gain the money back. This is particularly true when it comes to investing in shoes.

The price tag on some of the most upmarket brand names may put you off of buying them. However, some of the most costly pairs will keep that value, even as the years go by. If you can afford to spend out on this initial purchase, then you should. You never know when that beautiful pair of designer shoes lurking in your cupboard may just pay off!

Look for the special shoes

Limited editions can be one of the most valuable things to invest in. This is particularly true when it comes to shoes. Being able to get your hands on something that not many people around the world have can encourage people to spend out even more, especially if those shoes were released a number of years ago and are now near impossible to source.

Now you know just why shoe investment may not be as odd a choice as you first thought. There are plenty out there to choose from and you can often find a pair to suit your budget.

The only trouble with investing in shoes is that you may find you are never quite ready to let them go. Building a beautiful collection can take time (not to mention money) and it is important to find a place that you can store them and make sure that they are in the very best quality.

Whether you sell them on yourself with a view to making money, or pass them onto your children as their investment. We think that forking out for a beautiful pair of shoes may just be the best option for you!