The highly controversial marriage split between Anderson and Salomon!

Marriage is a pure bond of love, support, and affection. In modern times, relationships and marriages have been facing a lot of issues that mostly result in a divorce or separation. Celebrity more often faces issues in their relationships, and one of the most popular splits is the issues between Rick Salomon and Pamela Anderson.  In these recent times, there was a third-time divorce filed by Anderson. At the same time, Rick Salomon wants marriage annulled and has been putting on allegation of fraud on Pamela Anderson and claiming that she deceives him into marrying her.

An in-depth examination of all the aspects of this celebrity split

The very first allegation was put on Pamela Anderson as it was said that she wants the daughter of Salomon to get out of her house and take their dog along with them. The daughters are still in their teenage, and Pamela has literally pushed them out of the house. Rick Salomon has also been claiming that Pamela has married him through fraud and made him fool. He has made his lawyer file the legal documents and asked the tribunal to announce this marriage as illegal or invalid. He also claims that he has good proof that her wife has done fraud with him to marry him. There are some rumors that he has also been trying to get her away from any kind of spousal support too.

Information about Rick Salomon and his marriages

Richard Salomon is a gambling website owner, a producer, and is also the son of an ex-executive of the Warner brother limited. New Jersey is his hometown. Rick had two unsuccessful marriages before marrying Pamela Anderson. He first married Elizabeth Daily, who was a vocal actress and divorced her in the year 2000. He has two daughters from his first marriage. Then he married Shannen Doherty in 2002 and couldn’t stay together even for a year and had a divorce after a mere nine months. Then he married Pamela Anderson in the year 2007, Pamela was a celebrity and had also been a Playboy Playmate.