Other recommended investments

Repossessed houses

If you’re thinking of making money through investing in houses, repossessed houses are a great way to achieve that for a number of reasons. Banks foreclose peoples properties and would typically sell them in auction at heavily reduced prices, therefore there is potential to invest in a property with great potential in a fast growing area at a highly discounted rate. These properties often sell on average 33% below market average, however this can often stretch to almost 50%! Once you have invested in a property, you can maximize it’s worth through developing it however you wish.

Repossessed cars

In a similar case to repossessed houses, there is great potential in making healthy profit through investing in repossessed cars. Some investments can be complex and risky, however if done right, it’s possible to make a quick profit through the investment of repossessed cars. On average repossessed cars can go for under half the price of cars bought from leading retailers. However with just a little maintenance investors have been known to double the value of their purchase. In addition the other positive in investing cars is that the funds needed to kick start the revenue can be relatively minimal, which can lead to a generous profit.

Fine Wine

Wine is a great product to look at investing in, and comes under the alternative investment bracket, similar to Jordan’s shoes. Fine Wine is produced in finite quantities as the Chateaux restrict their production. As wine gets older, the quality increases with age. This means you have a product that is improving in quality, as it ages, encouraging the demand to increase, whilst is also being drunk by consumers, meaning the supply is decreasing every year. Using basic economics Supply & Demand, this is the perfect product for increasing demand and decreasing supply meaning the prices are set to increase.


Investing in land can be a strange concept to the uninitiated. However, the concept makes a lot of sense. Focusing on LEDCs and developing countries, the GDP is growing consistently and the average wealth of their population is increasing. As their economy grows, the average worth of their land will grow in accordance. If you bought up large quantities of land in areas such as Singapore or Dubai, 30 years ago it would be worth almost nothing, today you could be looking at over a 1000% increase in value. Proceed with caution, as this industry is known to host a number of scammers.