The other best investment shoes to buy!

Have you decided that shoe investment is something that works for you? Perhaps you love designer names and know that their value often doesn’t decrease over time? Or maybe you simply just love shoes!

Whatever your reasons for deciding to go for shoe investment, we have put together some of the top choices out there.

All you need to do now is to choose which one is the right one for you!

Christian Louboutin Platform Pumps

One of the most popular designer shoe brands out there has to be Christian Louboutin. The iconic red soled shoes with towering heels are often seen on celebrities around the world. Ever been lucky enough to get up close and personal with the platform pump variety from this big name brand? If you have then you will not only see true craftsmanship but also a pair of shoes that will make you feel amazing!

They make the ideal investment shoe not only because they are timeless, but because they can simply be worn with anything that takes your fancy.

YSL Tribute Sandals

Perhaps not as instantly recognisable as the Louboutins; these particular sandals are the choice of fashion editors around the world, and we have to trust what they think. These sandals are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is something that seems to be ever popular with fashionistas.

Best of all, these sandals come in a variety of colours, meaning that you can opt for something classic as well as bright and colourful variations too.

Valentino Rockstuds

Whilst these were originally seen back in 2010, it seems that the Rockstud stilettos created by Valentino are still seen on the catwalks (and worn by the fashion savvy) right now! We love the slightly edgy style of these and think that they are ideal for those who like their shoes a little bit on the rocky side!

Jimmy Choo Anouk Courts

When you read through what everyone was wearing on the red carpet you will often see celebs wearing these particular shoes. Simple in their design, they come in a wide variety of colours, which makes them the ideal show for everyday wear or for more formal occasions too.

Don’t forget trainers

Not only are stylish heels the ideal investment shoe, there are also a huge number of trainers out there that you can opt for to invest in. Look out for limited edition release, those that are designed by big name celebrities and you could see their value go up and up as time goes by.

With such beautiful, timeless and classic shoes out there to choose from, shoe investment has never been easier. So, if you find yourself coming in to some money, why not pay out on a fancy pair of heels or perhaps a limited-edition pair of trainers and see how much they are worth for you in the future?